Quran Kareem القران الكريم App Reviews

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Mashaalah très bon application

Great App

MashaAllah good application, has some excellent features. Though i disagree with claim "customizable" because it is not possible to sort the bookmarks. The issue has been pointed out several times but we were informed by the SHL team it has a low priority for resolution. Really letting down a customer for important feature, not a nice service.

Love it!

Awesome App! Love it! The best app ever!!!


JazakAllah. Loved the new updates.

Excellent App

This is an app that has fills a need for south Asian Muslims. Thank you very much and may Allah give u the highest reward!

Great work

Mashaallah great efforts of the developers, may Allah grant them rewards. Only one suggestion from my side, please add a zoom control option to increase or decrease the font size. Jazakallah

Amazing app!!!

This app is really magnificent an I thank the developers for their effort!

Please read

Please if u can add Mishary Al-Fasi that will be the best thing ever , Salam 3alikoum


For a Hafeez such as myself, it is necessary to read in the same format and font Quran that one memorized in. This is the one Ive been waiting for! Plus, I like to understand what I am reading (English) while listening actively to the Arabic recitation, and the app lets me do just that (with the reciter Ive listened to all through my memorization)! Jazakallah, may Allah reward you.

Great App

Jazakallah for the app its AWSOME. Wish if I could be able to select just a few aaya instead of the entire surah for memorisation. Also if only those selected suraah audio would play instead of everything.

جاذاكل لله خير

This is an awesome app that I use everyday الحمدللاه. I would however love to see color coded tajweed version of this app

Pages went blank

The pages of the quran went blank all of a sudden when I was flipping through the pages. I had to restart my iPhone to get rid of this problem.

Beneficial app

Alhamdulillah for this app, I benefit from it every day, the book mark make it easy to quickly get to the Surah Im looking for, reciting along with a Qaari makes it even more enjoyable,its a great tool for Quran memorization as well as usual recitation

بارك الله لكم

Great App Clear for reading on ipad and iphone

Great Job! Jazakallah

Mashallah very beautiful and easy to read Quran with Urdu and other languages translation. Difinately MUST have app, best work done, Jazakallah

Most versatile Quran App

I used several Quran Apps but this one was the most useful and gave me what I wanted. Among the apps I have used this app allows navigation better than any other app, gives recitation or translation of any ayat by just touching it. It has good bookmark feature for everyday and also occasional reading. It has everything what I needed. It is a well thought out app. In that sense it is the bast app I have come across. I hope they will add tafseer as well soon inshallah. My complements to the developers and JAZAKAMULLAHIKHAIREN.

Best of All

I have been using this App and benefitted a lot I improved my Quran recitation and memorizing. I have recommended this app to my children & they are being blessed by Allah by using it.

Great app! Mashaallah!

Have been using this app for years.

Quran its the best Quran ever. The new version is crushing a lot.

The best update ever whatever I want is there.

Excellent App.

Worth downloading. Perfect, you can download complete Quran audio and visual pages. Audio is available in world renowned Qaris. May Allah SWT bless you.

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